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When you search, you will be rewarded with Presearch’s PRE crypto tokens. These tokens can be used to buy services, or traded for other cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin, ethereum, etc .
Earn about a dollar a day for doing something you will do anyway, just install the presearch extension in your browser and you're ready to start winning. Presearch is just an interface so you will continue using Google or any other search engine. To do this you will only have to configure it in the option "homepage providers" of your account and drag google or any other of the list to yours and ready. Install Presearch Now

Earn about 5 dollars quickly when you install the Brave browser, you just have to download and install it. when you do you will receive about 5 dollars in the BAT crypto currency that you can use to reward your favorite content creators and if you are one you can earn BAT from your visitors, which you can exchange for bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. Brave will also pay you for the same ads you see every day on sites like YouTube and Facebook for which you do not receive any money so do not wait any longer. Install Brave Now. Install Brave Now
Besides an excellent service as a browser since it has a higher speed and performance compared to other browsers, it also has shields against scripts, trackers, malicious softwre and even with a free ad blocker that is already incorporated so you do not need install extensions or add-ons.
Keep in mind that if you activate the ad blocker you will not receive payments for the ads, however, you can manage on which pages you want to see the ads and which ones you do not. For all this and more the Brave browser is taking a large advantage in front of other browsers, so do not stay out, not wait any longer. Install Brave Now


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