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Privacy Policy


This statement was last updated on 4 march, 2019
We respect the privacy of our visitors and are obliged to protect your online safety by keeping your privacy at anytime you visit our site.
Our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use suggests you clear explanation referring to your personal data provided to us or any data we may collect from you.
This Privacy Policy is updated periodically; so you should review it from time to time.

- Gathered Information
During the operations of our website a data information can be collected and handled by means of the following actions:
Data regarding your visit(s) to our website and any resources used are collected. The following is included and not limited to: location data, weblogs, traffic data, and any other communication information.
All forms completed on our site allow us to collect data, such as registering your doge address to obtain a reward and / or completing a withdrawal.
If for any reason you contact to our administration, support or site we may collect information.

- Use of cookies
There can be cases when we may use cookies to collect information regarding our services in a mathematical collection for our website and our advertisers.
No personal details will be shared that could identify you. Any information collected is statistical data about our visitors and how they have used our site.
We may collect information about your common internet use with a cookie file. The cookies are automatically downloaded to your computer and are kept on the hard drive.
The required data by the cookie helps us improve our website and services suggested you. You have the opportunity to decline cookies by setting your browser options to decline all cookies. But remember: if you decline the download of cookies some features of our site may not work.

- Use of Information
Information assembled referring to you helps us improve and offer services you need. You can see how we may use your data in the list below:
Any request you make of our site let us use information you provided us with, relating to the products or services we have. If we have your permission we may also send information on products or services you may be interested in.
Changes or Improvements made to the site can guarantee use of your information, with regard to notification of such changes.
We may use data or let third parties use information that is not related to goods or services you may be interested in. This can be done only in the case of your permission.
If you don't want to give consent for our site or third party you can use the opportunity to decline. If you decline once we will remove your details from any third party communications or mailings.
The Information we have about you will be stored on secure servers. Transaction data is encrypted for your safety.
Note : data via online transmission is not entirely secure. We cannot warrant total protection and security data, we only take all reasonable action to protect information sent to us electronically. Transmission of any data by you is at your own risk. The responsibility for the passwords safety and confidentiality is your own.

- Information Exposer
At times we may reveal personal information to persons in our group. This can include subsidiaries, holding companies or any other if applicable.
Third Party disclosure may happen for the following reasons:
In the case of selling any or all of our business to a third party your information may be shared.
When we are legally required to we may disclose information about you and your visits to our sites.
In order to prevent fraud we may also disclose information.

- Third Party Links
Third party links may be found on our site. These third party links have their own privacy policy. By clicking on the link you agree to their privacy policy to which we have no control and we are not responsible for third party links.

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